About Fairy Cake’s Land

Fairy Cake’s Land (FCqL) is a sex positive lifestyle blog the focuses on toy reviews, “alternative” lifestyles, and being a kawaii bimbo. At FCL, we are all about having fun and being as informative as the worlds change around us.

About Fairy Cake:

Fairy Cake (FC sometimes) is a trained sexual educator, who uses harm reeducation in all of her classes. She decided to start doing more adult sexual health and toy reviews because she felt as much as she loves teaching kids, she felt being a source of information for adults would be a little more helpful. She is in a ploy relationship with her husband and partners. She’s also a switch but leans very submissive. Her favorite things are the color pink, kpop and being naked at all times.



Devil Food is the “fucking” manger of Fairy Cake’s Land. He does the photos, the food, the prep work, the whipping, the fisting, etc. He is a pansexual deviant who nerds out over porn games and ecliptic taste. He’s twitter handle is @pny_devilfood. Be sure to tell him you favorite pony as well!