Fairy Cake has been revived!

Hello cupcakes!

I’m back after being gone (unless you follow my twitter ) for what? Almost 6 months? WELL NO MORE OF THAT! We got post on post on post on *gasp* VIDEO AND PICTURES!

That’s right, starting in June I will be keeping up on a set schedule( to be announced Friday ) and I will also be introducing a new vlog clip. Mind you, the videos are still in the works so that may come later in June.

And I will be making announcements on my Patron this coming weekend or next. Because I haven’t been able to keep up with it like I want to, we are doing an overhaul. But I will touch base with them and then here after.

But hey, I also mentioned pictures right? FUCK YEAH I DID!

I got some fire ass edits coming out as well and you will be able to buy them at a link I will disclose first on the Pateron and then here.

But because you all have been such good cupcakes waiting on me, here is a picture of something amazing to come 😘

Let me give you a little lemon head…Mayor

And with that! Let’s make the rest of 2018 on to remember!

Love always,

Fairy Cake

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