Butt fun! Beginners Harness Kit

Oh anal sex. I love it so much. Why?  Because everyone’s got a butt and can enjoy the stimulation of having their ass serviced. All with consent obviously, but I don’t have to go into that. Right?

Anyway, I haven’t had the pleasure of strapping someone for a very long time – 8 to be exact- and I really wanted to have some fun. So I called up my FWB (friend with benefits) and he agreed to try it out up the ass as long as he got to pick out the peg. Cool with me since I kinda lost my old strap on anyway.

After some shopping around we found this “Beginners Harness Kit” online at a nifty little Chicago based sex store (will link to it in bottom). It comes with the strap on harness, which reaches around max 60”. It also came with a 5” (inch) little dildo. It was purple so that made me happy. We decided to hit up a corner store on the way back from picking it up and bought some water base lube and whatever else would make him comfy.

So to get it on, you have to adjust the straps on it, slip it on like a pair of complex panties, and then strap it tightly to yourself so it lies along your vagina. The edges of this thing are kind of rough so if you have it on too tightly it might cut you. So don’t do that. Be smart. I hurt myself so you don’t have too.

Getting the dick on wasn’t too hard. Just had to lax the straps, slip it threw the o ring and then tighten it back up. Make sure it’s facing the right way. The dildo has a slight curve to it for what I can only assume is to stimulate the prostate and having it face any other way would be either very uncomfortable or just plain hurt.

The following is the steps we took to make FWB first time amazing:

1: He didn’t like the idea of a “shit dick” so we prepped and cleaned him out using a laxative enema.

Note: I wouldn’t recommend using a chemical base enema all the time. Water works just as well.

Also Note: This part is optional, just stay clean and safe.

2: Figure out a comfy position! He’s taller than me and I’m fat so we spent a good few minutes debating this. Untimely we went with doggy style. Ended switching to missionary later on but that was after we both got confident in the motions.

3: Lube that bitch up!  No, really, I don’t care how small a peg/toy is, you lube that sucker up. It just makes the process so much easier and less chance of hurting your partner.

4: Communication is key! Talk it out as you two do the deed. The experience is much more fun when both parties are talking and finding what they like or don’t like. Plus, it can be sexy.

Some extra notes on this certain toy: FWB loved it but wanted to go bigger after the 3rd round. I have plenty of dildos but the ring on this is too small and gives no real way to a bigger and wider cock. This is upsetting because I do love the fact that as a big girl I could wear it with no real issues. Also, as I stated earlier, the martial left the edges to be very rough like sandpaper almost, so having it too tight with frication and motion hurt like a bitch. Otherwise, this tool/toy is pretty nifty and perfect for couples/fuck buddies/clients who want to try anal sex (or vaginal if you want) for the first time.

So I’m gonna give it 4 out 5. Wish it didn’t cut me to hell and fit more dildos, but for the price we got it, worth it.

Early to Bed is amazing and if you live in Chicago, IL you should check it out.

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