Old but Gold: The Original Magic Wand

Who likes to masturbate?  Almost anyone really, myself included! It is maybe the greatest self-service anyone can do to themselves. And for years now, they have made the tools in which we can enhance that pleasure we sexual deviants desire so much.

And for the very first toy I’m going to talk about is maybe one of the most popular in the vagina-owner spectrum. Formally known as the Hitachi Wand it’s the Original Magic Wand!

With over 30 years under its belt, this high powered “personal massager” is one of the best there is. They have recently come out with a cordless one that can be charged right back up, but I’m old school, so obviously I went for the now discounted grandpa. And in proper fashion, I went home, tossed away my cares and let her rip!

And no…don’t do that if this is your first time with a high powered pearl destroyer. You will hurt yourself. I did it and I almost cried because my dumb self didn’t read the instructions on which of the two settings was the high one and uh… it didn’t end well to say the least. So be warned my fairies, be warned.

Anyway, stats! Clocking with an electrical outlet between 100-200 volts, this thing packs a punch. The vibrations range high at 6,000 ca and low 5,000 ca per minute. So you know, it can fuck you up. It weighs around 1.2 lbs and honestly is my most favorite toy in the world.

After my little mishap, I opted to try something a little different for this toy. Using a towel as a sort of barrier between my sensitive bits and the wand, I began on low setting and it was so much better. I could still feel the power of it as I rolled it along my slit and clitoris. Since I’m the type of girl to that likes to word towards the orgasm, this helped a lot. I was able to lay back and enjoy myself before kicking it to high gear and having leg shaking, earth quaking orgasms.

So, since that was fun solo, I wanted to see how it would be when I tried it with a partner. Enter my loving husband. I had him enter two of his digits inside me as I put the wand on low and sat back to have some fun. First thing is first, WOW. Like no really, WOW. It felt so amazing to have something inserted in my vagina as the wand was massaging my clit. We slowly worked up to him fucking me though, and that’s when things got a little tricky. See, the toy is kind of big, and add the cord to it and it becomes a hassled to hold while trying to get it on with your lover. So we just tossed it to the side and finished the job ourselves.

The toy is amazing but has its faults. When I use it without the towel, the head is a little stiff and hurts after a while. Also, when I want my good, long build, the awkward weight of it can make it hard to hold for long periods of time. And like I said before, with a partner it is amazing as long as you’re not trying to do anything crazy.

So overall the Original Magic Wand gets 4 stars out of 5 – It’s amazing for what is does and makes my toes curl to high heaven. But with the awkward length of it all, I’m gonna keep it as a solo friend and only bring it along for finger blasting fun.


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