Vesper: A Whisper of pleasure

I had found this little gem when prowling the internet for cake ideas I was never going to do. I think it was either an ad or a Tumblr post made by the many independent sex worker I follow. Either way, I saw it and I wanted it for myself. It was so cool with its slick mellitic rose gold finish and the very simple function behind it. A vibrator that you could wear in plain sight and enjoy on the go.

So shiny and pretty


Crave is a very interesting company. Founded around 2010 by Michael Topolovac and Ti Chang, the duo set out to make sex toys that would “satisfy women”. The company comes has a very high end and posh vibe to it, with prices to match. And with good reason! Some of these toys come 24k gold plated and a fucking USB drive! Like, what?! *ahem*

Another thing is that all their toys are “whisper” quiet, so you can use them anywhere. The one that caught my interest (and my wallet) was their necklace, known as Vesper.

This fun little toy ran me about $79 plus tax. I was lucky enough to find it in an adult toy store but kinda kicked myself once I saw you could get it engraved we from their actually website. But I’m impatience so in the end it worked out for the best. Vesper is as sleek as the pictures they showed. With it’s simple design and long chain (26″) I have found it hard to just wear it out whenever. It’s like that necklace you wear to the wedding of that one cousin whose been married for the 3rd time and you know you’re going to be bored. Or on a very nice date with your partner because they know you are being a dirty little brat.

Now for power. I’m a Power Queen. My clit is pretty spoiled when it comes to that. BUT what I love about this cool little thing is that it is perfect for teasing and taunting that spot that makes you go crazy. Solo play was fun, although the chain made me mad because I was trying to get it out the way half the time. But when I had mastered the art of it, it was pretty fun and after getting myself worked up, I grabbed my hand dandy Magic Wand to finish the job.  As far as with a partner? Well in the bed room, I got bored pretty quickly because it just didn’t do it for me. I’m sure if I was in a more romance type of mood, it would be perfect but…I just wanted to fuck after a while because the toy just wasn’t doing it for me.

Testing day was a blast

Personally, I loved it the most when I was out in public and got to play with myself. Being in public, knowing the dirty little things I was doing was fun.  Plus, since it just teased me, I found it the most fun using it when out with my FWB knowing we was going to take the party back home after enjoy ourselves.

And that’s really it. Like…the toy didn’t wow me like I thought it was but it also didn’t disappoint me. It just left me Craveing more. But  it’s gets a good 3.5 out of 5 stars from me.

Side note: Can’t wait for the next toy I’m reviewing. It’s gonna be shocking!

Until next time! xoxo

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