Eden E Kit: That was…a thing

Hello! Hello my little cupcakes! Sorry for the long wait. I uh…life happened.

*cue early 2000s emo bands*

Anyway! I bring to you the long awaited shocking toy of the hour! The Eden E ( for electric) kit, from their Pilot Program. It’s pretty much a try before you buy program from the website Eden Fantasy for new comers. I had never tried electric play before so figured it couldn’t hurt to try it out. Specially if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be losing out on any money.

And boy or boy am I glad I didn’t bother to pay for it. Now, again, I’ve never done this before so I have nothing to go off on. So instead I’m going to speak of my experience with Eden and the E kit.

The way the Pilot Program is set up, you have up to 17 days after shipping date to decide whether or not you like the toy. After the 8th day you can put in a ticket to let them know you hated it and will not have to pay to set price. But if you loved it (or forgot to put in a ticket) on the 18th day your card will be charged. All in all, it’s pretty straight forward and easy enough to navigate around. It is only USA based so sorry to my international readers 😦

I got my package after about 8 days and was excited to try out the cute little zapper. Only…It didn’t zap. Like at all. The thing was freaking busted! I was kinda bummed out about it but I waited a day or two, got a new battery (ya know, just in case) and tried it again. Nope. Not working. So I sent my ticket to customer service and they got back to me within the hour.  The young lady was nice enough to tell me how to work with it properly. Still didn’t work. No worries, told me to dispose of it and they would send me a new one free of charge. Sweet right?

Now I’m already upset I have to wait yet another week to get this toy. Like, I wanna live my dream of banging Static Shock! Is that too much to ask for? It comes, after having to fight the post office (longer story), hooked everything up and…I was so underwhelmed with wasn’t even funny. I had placed it on my nipple as a spot test. I had to put this thing to the highest of settings just to feel a little static. Like, walking past your coworker in the wool socks type of shock. Was. Not. Expecting. That.

No big deal…Maybe if I actually use the water base lube that comes with it, it’ll work out. Nope. Still meh feeling. At this point, I was 10 types of done and ready to call it a night. Which I did. The toy was just not worth my sanity.

All in all, I would love to try out e-play…but maybe I need to stick to my motto of not going to cheap route and just tossing the coins I gotta to get that SHOCKING feeling.

The Eden’s E Kit gets 1/5…because I loved the customer service so much but was very underwhelmed by the product itself.

Until next time! xoxo

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