Cock Lasso

So what do you do when you want to get a cock ring as a surprise but your s/o refuses to let you measure their dick? Why you get a cock lasso! No really…That’s it. This thing is pretty much like one of them “one size fits all” type of deal only this time, its telling the truth.

Let me explain.

So I’ve been doing a lot of reading on cock rings. I love the basic science behind it. Restrict blood flow (not cut it off) and get rock hard. With the added bonus of staying hard longer and maybe even getting a little bigger. Science bitch! Now, to be fair, that does sound kind of scary when you are a penis owner. I mean, we are always told to not tie string around our digits less we cut off the blood flow and lose them! But this is sex and we already do fucked up shit. We just found ways to do it safely.

I really wanted to try sex with a cock ring. A lot of the more “veteran” kinksters swear by it and how much more amazing sex is with it. I only had a one issue – finding one that fit my partner without causing them stress. Because it would be their dick after all and I don’t like to torture them unless that’s what they ask for.

Insert the cock lasso! This tube of TPE is pretty much a bolo tie for your dick, designed for beginners. The way it works is as simple as it design. Lube it up with some water base lube, slid your dick in and then pull on the ends of it until its nice and snug. And once you’re done and you loosen it and slid it right off.


Some notes after using this thing:

  •  If you have a lot of hair in your crotch, its going to snag if you are not careful. And it will hurt. Like having your hair tweezered hurt. (sorry baby *sweats*)
  • You might want to leave the ball part on top when tighten it. We left it under the first time and it pinched that little extra skin you penis owners have. Didn’t kill the mood but it apparently hurt.

And that about sums up the cock lasso. You can find it at almost any sex store or online. I found mine at Pleasure Chest for $10 but have found it as low as $3.50 on Amazon. 5/5 will be using until we find an upgrade.

Until next time cupcakes! xoxo

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