Bad Dragon: Chance the Stallion..#naynaybitch

Meet Chance the Stallion.

He is big.

He Is thicc(with two c’s)

And he came to bulldoze them walls down.

Yes, my little cupcakes. I have acquired a wonderful toy from the amazing site! This strapping young stallion was delivered to us in medium length, because Devil Food (and myself) are apparently punk asses. I’m just saying, I wasn’t about to shove 12+ inches of horse dick inside myself when I cry at the thought of anything above 8.

*ahem* Anyway…on to the review.

So this toy. This wonderful toy y’all. I have to say when I first saw it in person, I was a little more then imitated. I had always wanted to use/see a toy from Bad Dragon in person and to be holding one (even if it belongs to my bestie) was just amazing. Devil Food got the medium Chance in medium (or 5) firmness, which, for the build and size, was a good idea. The give it has when inserting it into an hole, though a little tough, is much needed for someone like him. Plus it flops around when you swing it and that is always a good laugh when you’re drunk and making Zootopia jokes.

Speaking of give, lets talk about anal play with this thing. I haven’t shove it up my ass yet but Devil Food did, so let’s go base off what he had to say about it:

“It was hard getting it all the way in at first because of how big the head is. But after you get pass the head (and the middle ring) it turns into a great fuck. Cum Tube and lube made it a plus experience.”   – Devil Food – 

He also went on to mention that cleaning it was pretty easy, even with the cum tube and opening. His favorite toy cleaner works well with it and he used warm water and dish soup to clean the syringe and tube itself. Who doesn’t love a toy that easy to clean? Specially when you share with friends and partners.

Speaking of sharing! I obviously got to use the toy as well and oh my stars. I, being the lovely heroine that I am, wanted to ride it. So I placed it on the coffee table and positioned myself to take the ride on this bad boy.

Fuck that was a bad idea to start off with. My dumbass lost my balance and ended up making Chance disappear rather quickly within my walls. I must’ve let out the ugliest of screams/moans. But I ain’t no punk so I caught my breathe and started riding that horse cock anyway. After the shock, it started to feel pretty good. The if you aren’t use to 9 plus inches worth of cock, my advice is to take it slow. And maybe start off on your side unless you are brave. And have better balance then me.

It was all great but the real selling part for me was the cum tube. Even though I had to hook up the syringe to it, once I got a good idea on how to make it work while mid-orgasms, I was in heaven. Mind it, its lube so it was cold and not warm like “real cum” would be, but to me, it felt so good to have that sudden rush of cool, sticky liquid enter me. It also made the ride after words even smoother, just like if you were to keep riding the guy after he came. You know, minus the going limp after awhile. The cum was very messy, so I would suggest using a towel over whatever surface you are fucking on.

All in all I had a blast with Chance the Stallion. 10/10 would fuck again. Once Devil Food let’s me since it he’s.

SPEAKING OF: Devil Food is my new admin (and best friend) on my Facebook page  *here*! Yes I have a FB page now. Come join the fun as I post the fun pictures and teasers!

Anyway that’s all for now cupcakes!


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