Summer Time Loving: A rant

So I meant to post this up last week but then Anime Central happen. And then work. And then life. But its also May and hot as hell, which means we about to have some T and A out and about. I wanted to speak on that for a moment.

Now, I have yet to post a full size picture of myself, but I’m a pretty big girl. Not like Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman, but still a BBW. I’m also a very free spirit and wear what I want within the reasons of the event. Last summer was pretty hot in Chicagoland and add to it being humid damn near all the time and you pretty much are one of many sweat buckets walking along the Michigan Mile. In other words, even if I wasn’t about doing you and hoeing out, I would be hoeing out.

Titties give life

And because I was, that got all sorts of unwanted attention. It was pretty annoying really. If it wasn’t dudes trying to get an easy lay, it was rude ass women trying to police me and my massive cupcakes. I don’t know about other folks, but I don’t have enough energy in the world to go up to someone to try and ruin their day just because of how they are dressed. If I notice their dress is stuck in their panties or their fly is down, that’s one thing. But to tell someone they are wrong and immoral to dress as they see fit fucking boogles my mind.

I’m mad…

No really, I’m about to rant real quick.

HOW THE FUCK do you take that extra time out your day, on a hot ass day, just to tell someone that their tits or ass shouldn’t be on display? Like the fuck? You complain about the children seeing BUT I PROMISE YOU LITTLE JIMMY TURNER IS A-O-FUCKING-K!  They see more tits, ass, camel toe and dick prints on the “internet time” you swear you supervise then they do in real life. Be it model thin hoes or big bitches like me, we have a right to wear whatever the fuck we want.

Let me drink this real quick

*ahem* Sorry cupcakes. It just really gets under my skin that in 2k17, we are still having conversations over who can wear what they want. Like, seriously, I don’t care who or what you are, wear whatever the fuck makes you feel powerful. Like, obviously still be legal, i.e. don’t be walking with your whole dick/vulva out. Be safe and for the love of Bob’s Burgers, don’t ruin someone else fun just because you wouldn’t walk around in a mother fucking tutu.


Fairy Cakes xoxo

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