BIRTHDAY Gurl: 27 years young 

Hey cupcakes!

So today I turn 27! And I’m going to reflect for a moment on my life up until now.

Honestly, I didn’t think I would still be doing this. I had begun it because I was doing so much for my friends at the time and I really wanted something for myself. I thought of getting into camming. Made a tumblr and all but scarped that idea away. Not because I thought I was a fat ugly slob or anything! No, because I was scared of the backlash. So I did something that would be…kind of safe I guess? I mean…I still wouldn’t write home to mom about this, but I felt as a sex educator and a kinkster (and a hungry bitch at the time of making this) that Fairy Cake’s Land would be…safe.

And then on of my best friends (we will call her Angel Food), made this logo.

FairyCake Logo Finished
The logo that helped me stay.

I was so excited to have something like this made for me! I was excited because it felt real all of a sudden. I’m not just some ass on the internet doing internet shit. FCL is my baby. My project. My life. I want to watch it grow, regardless of what others may think of me.

And have all you cupcakes here as my support, as the folks who read, share and sometimes comment really makes me want to push to be better. Life might be doing me dirty, but I’m a kinky bitch and brought the handcuffs.

So thank you cupcakes. Thank you so much. If you want to see what I’ll be up to this weekend (since my birthday is today and I will be doing dinner with the mister), head over to my Facebook page!

I’m gonna be drunk off my ass celebrating another year here with you all and posting all the pictures and vids like down below! You cupcakes are the best and lets make it to another birthday together!  xoxo


Fairy Cakes

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