Pandora’s busted butt wand

Hey, hey fairies! F.C. here with a whole new toy review! I did a little bit of shopping around and found this toy at one of my favorite sex shops, Pleasure Chest. Introducing Pandora the p and g spot simulator from Vibratex. This usable 3.5” (inches) worth of butt and cunt fun has 7 “fun” vibrating functions, is pretty quiet even on the highest setting and uses 3 LR44 batteries. It’s made from top grade silicone and honestly…well, you’ll see how I felt about it.

Now I’m gonna be honest here. I don’t have a prostate. So I figured I’d test it out of my g-spot and boy oh boy, I was very underwhelmed.

Dun dun…dud

The toy itself, from the way it is made and everything is something I’d expect from a toy under $50 (which it was). The functions felt nice, but it wasn’t something one would scream from the havens about. And to be fair, I do use my magic wand  a lot  but I figured this would be internal so I didn’t have to worry about that. So what do I do? Give it to my FWB to try it out, because I’d be damn if it didn’t get some use.

Whelp. There was a theme of ‘meh’ going around. He felt it was great for those who didn’t have any prior prostate/anal play. But for someone who has been exploring for a longer time, this was a simple foreplay tool, if nothing else. Not enough pressure and he likes to have his ass filled when fucking so it was a double no for him.

It pretty tho

I really wish there was more to say about this little gadget, but there really isn’t. It just didn’t leave either of use with that “wow” feeling. It was more like a disappointed one night stand in the back of some guy’s car that has chip stains on the seats.

Overall rating is 2 out of 5. It is pretty good if you want to start exploring your anal adventures without starting off too cheap. But it just didn’t make the cut for those who are more experience and want more out of their toys.


Check out Pleasure Chest! You won’t regret it

Still very happy with this place. 

Bonus time! Lube it up!

So! I have found my favorite lube in the whole wide world. All thanks to the lovely ladies at Pleasure Chest.

Slippery Stuff is a nice, thick water based lube perfect for both anal and vaginal play. It doesn’t have that weird smell some lube you get at your local drug store would have.  And it doesn’t taste bad! I like to eat ass, ok? Another thing I really like about it is that it has made fingering with more then 3 digits feel amazing.

It is worth the few extra dollars to get vs going to get something cheap at the drug store. Specially if you like it rough and need that extra bit of wetness to make it a smooth ride for all.


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