Birthday Anal!

Hello my lovely fairies! So as I said last week it was my birthday and I spent last weekend getting my ass treated very nicely. And obviously I had to share this wonderful tale right? Well yes, yes I did.

So I haven’t had anal since I got married last year. Honestly I think the last time was like…my birthday last year so this would be perfect to make up for that.  We had been planning it for weeks because I’m that anal (ha I’m funny) about everything that isn’t plan old’ God giving sex. So I’m going to share that journey of me over thinking and preparing for the best ass ramming session of my 26 years of life. Well, more like 10 years but who’s counting?

*ahem* Anyway, for those of you who aren’t friends that I’ve threaten to follow this blog, I’m lactose intolerant. Why does that matter? Well, if I’m going to have anal sex; I don’t want my insides doing cartwheels and shit. So for a week and some extra days I couldn’t have any type of food that I love dearly. Including pizza, pizza rolls, pizza puffs, deep dis pizza, pizza bread…you get it. It was a very sad, week and I was not happy at all.

But then the day came and I was very excited. So excited I had to take a shower twice because I wanted my pretty booty to be extra clean. When I knew my FWB was almost ready, I decided to use the enema. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it is a chemical base laxative. Since I don’t have anal sex often, I don’t mind using. But I know it can cause all sorts of problems if used way too often. So don’t use it often fairies, be smart and do your research before you insert it in your rump.

After the fun 20 or so minutes of playing Sky Garden™, we were finally ready for action! I like to start of anal doggy style. Mostly because I’m a fat lady and getting to my asshole can be a little difficult if we start off on my back. Or at least I think so. But like I said, I’m anal about this and over think. FWB began to foreplay by over lubing up his single digit and going very slow into my rectum. (Another note, I really don’t like the way fingers feel in my ass. IDK feels weird. ) It went pretty well and soon I was up to 3 fingers just pumping my hole like the slut I am.

Fingers are nice but we all know what I really wanted. I had to beg him to take out his fingers and put it in because the asshole (ha) is was being a tease. With lots and lots of more lube, I could feel the head of his cock push in. Now…remember how I kept mentioning I’m pretty anal and over think things like this. Well…FWB forgot how long it had been since he had been in my ass. Not even two pumps in and suddenly he’s pounding away like his life depends on it. I am very piss at this point but also, I have this guy on top of me jack hammering me like it’s his birthday and not mine. Thank God for safe words though. We almost didn’t finish because of that.

After that little hiccup though, we switched to missionary. I was a lot more relaxed at this point and he could go in with ease. With lots of kisses and a much slower rhythm going, I could enjoy the feeling of my butt being stretched out and filled. The climax was amazing and the cuddles where perfect afterwards.

Obviously we had even more sex, but its butt stuff month so I’m going to stick to just that story. I had an amazing birthday and only one thing went…kind of wrong I guess. With that, be on the look out for a very special article because I also went shopping!

And yes my fairies, it’s more butt stuff. Love! xoxo

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