Eat the f*cking box!!!

I am a woman who loves to give pleasure. It is what it is. But, with that, I expect the favor to be returned. Maybe not all the times because I’m one of few that can come from penis insert vagina. Most of the time anyway. (That is a whole other post though.) Nah, but I want my kitty cat ate. I want my chocolate box opened and devoured. I want my hot pocket tongued kissed. I -you get the point.


I love cunnilingus, if you, lovely cupcake, could not tell by now. I think they are very important in my sexual life. And I’m sure Leila Loren would agree. Sadly, my partners don’t also just go and uh…dine out unless I ask. It’s pretty annoying, giving how much head I give, but I respect their boundaries and it isn’t like they don’t eat me out.

You butts…

Devil Food for example: He lift my legs and just start to lick my clit like there’s candy in the middle. Add that he most likely already came in me, it just adds to the orgasms I’m having. BUT WAIT! I don’t think it stops at the mouth when it comes to eating this pretty little fudge cake. I love being fingered when getting my vulva nibbled on. The feeling of being slowly filled while my clit is being sucked on is maybe in my top 10 favorite things ever.  He does this well and I just fall in love repeatedly.


The Husband on the other hand: He slurps it. He spreads them gently and eats it gently like a bowl of ice cream. He’ll grab my nipples and twist them until I’m shaking and coming in his mouth. He also loves to fuck me with my dildo while he eats it, making me grab at the sheets like I’m about to float away.

Honestly, both are amazing. Sometimes I tease them in sending them to Pleasure Connoisseurs page to pick up some tips and tricks. I also tease in rewarding them more with a shaved pussy, since they are always asking. I don’t so much mind, because I sometimes like the feeling of it being bald. It makes sex, oral or otherwise a lot more smoother as well. But I’m lazy and refuse to do it often since both partners don’t always go down. I call it a give and take type of deal. I might always give head, but grooming my crotch is a no go if I know we will not be have plate licking good sex within the week.

I work too hard for it not to be ate

Giving pleasure is what I will always love to do. It’s why even though I view myself as a switch, I know I’m very submissive. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have wants and needs. I joke a lot, but it took a long time for me to explain to my partners what I wanted. And now even though it still doesn’t happen often, I’m so happy that they have taken the time to open me up and eat my box.





  1. Yay chocolate 🍫💥🤩❤️!!! Melts in your mouth not in your hands 😂. Well it could if you touch it correctly 🧐🙃. Awesome post and pics!

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