Devil Food Reviews: Hydromax X49/Max9

Good evening Cupcakes, let me introduce myself. My name is Devil Food and I assist Fairy Cakes with running this land. It is my job to keep a…firm handle on her and certain situations as they arise. Fairy Cakes sometimes receives toys or tools that requires a penis, hence where I come in…literally and figuratively, depending.

And with the introductions out of the way, let us get to the review.

This is the HydroMax X40 (now called HydroMax9), not to be confused with HydroMax X40 Xtreme with the hand pump for those who want extra pressure.

The Hydromax is a penis enlargement pump that uses the power of water to provide penis growth. It literally stretches your dick but in a good way when used properly. Primary used in the shower, it uses water to form a suction like seal over your penis and as you pull the pump towards you, water is ejected from the pump and the stretching begins.

Like so….


I had never used a pump before but I was really excited to try it out. I am more of a grower than shower in the dick department, so I can say that I still had some room to grow.

I tend to be dick shy 😉

The instructions for the pump were very simple but there were a few extra steps. First, make sure that your pubic area is shaved or at least trimmed. When I first used it, I wasn’t trimmed and because of the hair, I never got a good seal. No good seal equals no proper suction. After a short trimming session, I was able to try out the toy proper. I filled it up, stuck it on, and pulled.

It was amazing.

Like your standard penis pump, you can see the growth in action inside the tube and I got such a rush from this. I am a bigger guy and this just made me feel more so; just large. After the first few pumps, I just let the toy sit for a while and I stared in awe at my dick. I never used a pump before but the pressure around my cock made me feel big and powerful.

The instructions recommend that you divide your use to 5-minute session, two to three on and off, three times a day with a max of 15 minutes. I suggest that you follow that recommendation because just like working out your biceps at the gym, your dick will be sore and need to rest.

Following that analogy, for those that are willing to put in the time and effort, this is the toy for you. The Hydromax is much more involved than a standard pump. You are standing in the shower and using both hands to make you get a seal and are continuous pulling the pump toward you versus sitting down with the pump on your dick just squeezing with one hand.

The other choice sounds easier, right?

I do want to note that only with continues use, will you see permanent results. Also, that any sort of growth will take time. You will not go from 5 inches to 12 inches in a month using this. From what I noticed, you get thicker before you get longer and that has to do with how the pump stretches you.

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Overall, I love this toy. I use it as often as I can with my busy schedule and after a few months of using it on and off, I am noticing a little permanent growth. Dress pants are little bit uncomfortable but that comes with the territory. I feel like am getting close to the body that I like, and I am loving the effort that must be put in with this toy to do that. It makes the journey more satisfying

Til next time,

Devil Food.

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