I really love the idea of being able to bust a nut in a short amount of time. Like when I just need a quick pick me up before going to work or whatever. The Sixty by the new up and coming toy company Sxohh has just that in mind! It’s slender, curvy self has mange to flirt its way into my inbox and into my toy collection with the promise with a powerful and quick orgasm. 


Sxohh is a new company from Australia created by Thao Luu. I was super stoke to see that a woman of color was the creator of this toy! Reading up on their website and seeing how she grew from a math and science major (plus so much more) to a sex toy company partnered with Nu Sensulle. It’s pretty neat to be working with a new sex toy brand, and I’m excited to see what else they have coming out.


So pretty..

The toy comes in very nice cardboard box that is magnetic. On the inside of it list off the name of the speeds and patterns. Then you see the toy and under it is the magnetic charger cord and travel bag, plus instructions. The toy is so simple but such a pretty color of cyan. They come in 3 other colors but omg I just really wanted to the blue one.

These names are fun

As always, I was eager to try it right away, so I used some of my Afterglow toy cleaner wipes to get it all nice and ready and got to business. I was super eager to try out all 7 speeds and 13 patterns and then see if I could bust a nut in under 60 seconds. Though the name of some of these settings made me roll my eyes to high haven, I have to say I really enjoy when companies take that little extra step. It adds their own flare and sets them apart from the rest for sure.

The 7 speeds (and my reactions to them) are as followed:




*cue rocky horror picture show reference meme*


Oh, that tickles


Wait…am I thrusting or is the toy?


Mmmm kinda early to say that champ

Drive me crazy


Crash Bang

That just sounds unpleasant…

Now, I’m poking fun, but the toy is pretty great. It didn’t make me nut in under 60 seconds though. The motor is powerful but it I just felt board after awhile watching the clock, trying to see if I was going to come at all.  This is a problem I seem to run into with these toys that claim to make anyone orgasm in under a certain amount of time. Submissive Feminist actully had a pretty great time with it but wrote a great disclaimer that needs repeating. Everybody is different. What’s good for one won’t be good for all and that is ok. Its what makes this industry amazing! When we focus on all the different ways we can get off, we make some amazing shit. I would recommended this toy to anyone I know normally comes quickly just like someone would suggest a powerful wand to me.

SXOHH is a great toy for those who either are sensitive already or those who just want a good bullet at a decent price. I really can’t argue with $60 + free shipping from their site after all. So, dear cupcakes, if you’re looking for a new vibe under $100, has more then just pink and purple colors and easy to understand speeds and patterns, I would suggest it.

This toy was gifted to me by the company for an honest review. Some links are affiliate links. 

Until next time cupcakes! Xoxo

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